TEK Partner, Inc

Privately funded healthcare informatics/medical device technology company, TEK Partner, Inc, specializing in Disruptive State-Of-The-Art Technology Utilizing a non-invasive test that measures and monitors eight bio markers in identifying disease. Providing patient analytics for healthcare professionals, the opportunity is to enhance patient care and improved outcomes. As the Darling of Medicare and Preventative Care we anticipate 20,000 TEK Site Partners across the USA.


TEK Performs a fast, Point-of-Care, non-invasive patient assessment of both the Vascular Function and Nervous System Testing. The product is the first of its kind in the United States, and targets the following specialties: General Practice, Family Practice, Internal Medicine, Endocrinology, Pain Management and Cardiology.


The TEK Partner System provides significant advancement in the doctor's ability to objectively improve patient outcomes, increase patient compliance and proactively prevent disease onset + Pure Sub-Clinical and is the Preventative Care Gold Standard!


The device is FDA approved and performs a myriad of tests designed to identify numerous risk factors such as: Silent Heart Attack, Hypertension, Cardiac Autonomic Neuropathy, Diabetic Neuropathy, Vascular Abnormalities, and others. It has been designated as a Standard of Care by such prestigious organizations as The American Diabetes Association and The American Heart Association.


As many as 90,000 American lives could be saved each year if all men ages 45-75 and women 55-75 received cardiovascular wellness testing.”


We have elected to pursue two different sales channels: i) Direct Sales to Clinics and Hospitals, and ii) Sales to Owner/Operators who we then place a System in a physician’s office and enter into a Fee for Service Agreement with the Physician. The System is $175,000. It’s state-of the-art diagnostics and design, its small footprint, and ability to be integrated with other revenue generating tests make it the Gold Standard in this sector.


This TEK Partner Business Model is unique and it has been successful for a number of Owner/Operators. Usually the Owner/Operator/DONOR will purchase a System for $175,000 and TEK Partner, Inc. will secure the physician who will offer these tests to their patient base in-house, based upon medical necessity. Our Location Assistance Program will find the location, place the system and train the staff on how to operate the equipment! Depending upon regional reimbursement rates, each test is reimbursed at between $400-$515 by Medicare and private pay Insurance is about 11% higher.


The Fee for Service Agreements provide for a fee of $200 per test to the TEK PARTNER/Owner/Operator. Depending upon the physician’s patient base and mix, 3-5 tests per day is a good approximation. Obviously, these numbers add up to an outstanding return over time. The physician will be generating a new, residual revenue stream for their business, and this is before any additional testing from the Clinical Triggers and follow-up visit revenue based on the results of the tests. We may also remotely audit the number of tests that are performed and we have the ability to disable the System if the doctors are not remitting the required payments. This feature helps us to monitor the status of the Systems each month.


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This is an Independent Contractor 1099 Straight Commission Position. $25,000 Commission for providing a Physician or TEK Partner who purchases the System and $3,000 for providing our System at NO CHARGE for the Physician who agrees to Test his/her patients based upon Medical Necessity and pay the TEK Partner $200.00 per test. We provide qualified Leads FREE.



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