New Leaf Residential

New Leaf Residential Services has been in business since early 2004. We believe that all individuals can excel in a community setting regardless of the difficulties they face on a daily basis.

New Leaf provides Direct Care Professionals and Home Health Aides.


Each day you will come ready to tend to the daily needs of your entrusted clients to assist in making their lives as pleasant and independently driven as possible. You'll look forward to providing assistance in everything including light housekeeping, bathing, and running errands. You will also train clients to function independently in self-help and/or daily living skills which may include but not limited to personal hygiene, meal preparation, etc.

You will be responsible for maintaining records of clients progress, unusual incidents, MAR's forms, medication reactions and client personal possession inventories. You will also be responsible for knowing the whereabouts of each assigned individual at all times or as specified in the ISP.

You will get to know your clients so well that you will come to see your clients as family - sympathizing in their sorrows and rejoicing in their happiness. You will strive to show your clients a smile each time you care for them and show compassion in all situations.