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Posting Jobs -

Posting Jobs - has all sorts of positions being posted at:

"We are very pleased by the response we are getting from our Ohio employers." said, Mr. John O'Neil - President / CEO of The following conversation is with John.

Employers are looking for alternative means of advertising their open positions and we feel that can be that other choice. Fortunately for us, many employers are being very patient with us knowing we are a new player in the Job Board business. We are offering our Job Postings at a competitive cost plus we are allowing employers to get 60-day job postings at the 30-day price. This is a BUY ONE / GET ONE FREE OFFER that also applies to our Unlimited Job Posting Offer specifically for Ohio Employers, Staffing Firms and Recruiters. The reason we have such an incredible offer is that we are building upon our new database and this takes great effort and is not inexpensive. What we are doing is looking at each position posted and then we allocate so many dollars toward our advertising to drive Job-Seekers to our website. There is also the reality of the lack of available candidates across the board. Never in my 31 years of being an owner/account manager/recruiter have I ever witnessed such a shortage in just about every skill set. There is a high demand for personnel of any kind and this has led wages to rapidly increase. So rapidly as to create bidding wars amonst employers as potential candidates usually have more than one job offer. Candidates are in the driver's seat as they can pick through offers. is here to help employers promote their positions and to provide access to Job-Seekers searching for job opportunities.

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