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Information on the OHIO JOB SHOW

Information on the OHIO JOB SHOW


This is John O’Neil – President of ( your OHIO JOB BOARD will be starting a Radio show called THE OHIO JOB SHOW hosted by Mr. Steve Kelley.

I was wondering if any of your members would like to participate? Here is the information below… - Up-Coming Half Hour OHIO JOB SHOW Radio Program Sundays 10am to 10:30am to be heard in the Akron, Canton and Cleveland area. presents The OHIO JOB SHOW!

 We are actively looking for Employers / Staffing Firms that have multiple positions to fill that would like to Sponsor our OHIO JOB SHOW. 

THE OHIO JOB SHOW will be recorded and streamed on several platforms and we will give you a digital copy to share.

 How does my Employer Participate?

 One of two ways to have 15 minutes of Radio Time Dedicated to your Jobs.

First, you can Purchase an Unlimited Number of JOB POSTS for the next 60-Days for $400.00 on our Ohio’s Job Board. We will advertise your positions on LinkedIn, Facebook and all of our Social Media sites. 

The Second way is to Purchase 15 Dedicated Minutes of Air Time on the OHIO JOB SHOW for $250.00 and we will interview you and help you attract the candidates you are looking for.

Whichever way you choose, is a WIN-WIN. Your Company name and your staffing needs can reach as many as 80,000 listeners every Sunday morning from 10am to 10:30 am.

Interested - Act Now by Calling or Emailing Mr. Steve Kelley.

Contact Mr. Steve Kelley at:

or 216-282-3764 or 1-844-856-1466



14 Whitehall Drive Suite 104

Akron, Ohio 44278

Akron: 216-282-3764 or 844-856-1466