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John O’Neil – President / CEO of recently stated; “We believe that finding the right job and hiring the right candidates is serious business and this is no laughing matter. We take pride in what we do and we are ready, willing and able to think outside the box giving new ideas a chance to grow. We have recently created a New More Eye Appealing Website that we hope you will like and no, we have not cluttered it up with offers that confuse employers or job-seekers. It is a simple straight forward website to be released the week of April 8th, 2019.”

Mr. O’Neil went on to say; “Job Postings remain at $25.00 for a 30-Day Posting and our Unlimited Job Postings are $250.00 for 30-Day posts. Our pricing will soon increase so if you have a lot of positions like all Staffing Firms do, perhaps locking in for a Full 12 Months makes sense. And by the Way….”

"We are aware that at least one of the largest Job Boards has made a decision that your Staffing Firm is no longer wanted. You are no longer that important to their success. will post all your positions at a fair price that is affordable even for the smallest company.”

Take a ‘Leap of Faith’ with and Post Your Jobs Today.

Job-Seekers, we need your ‘Latest and Greatest Resumes Uploaded to Receive Job-Alerts!’

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Investor Contact Information: is an Equal Opportunity Employer supporting all efforts to employ our Veterans, all Races, Creeds, Colors, Genders, Sexual Preference, to include all individuals who seek to have a better more prosperous and satisfying life. A diverse culture brings out the very best!