About Us: Froggerjobs.com is a national jobs board with the centralized mission to find people jobs, help companies post job ads, and do this without having to pay a premium price. Too many companies are getting over-charged to find the best candidates and that isn’t right. We focus on helping the companies who don’t have a big budget but still need the focus and targeting to find the best candidates. We also provide a targeted system, so when candidates search for a job they will get exactly what they are looking for and not get pestered by multiple emails with nothing to do with what they truly want. Posting Jobs and finding a job is frustrating, that is why froggerjobs.com is here to make it easier. It’s time to leap forward.

John O’Neil
CEO and President

John is from Akron, Ohio and has been working in job recruitment for the past 25 years. He started his own business, Integrity Technical Services, which helped him get to where he is today. He had a vision of creating a new job platform that does not over charge the smaller businesses and charge job seekers for premium accounts which led to the creation of froggerjobs.com. He is a devoted husband and father of 4.

Mike Miller
Chief Operations Officer

Mike is a U.S. Army veteran who did multiple tours during his service. He now holds down the frogger fort as the COO and maintains most of the day to day progress of the company.

Jarrett Dowey
Chief Marketing Officer

Jarrett is a U.S. Air Force veteran from Akron, Ohio. He has worked in marketing for over 12 years and jump at the opportunity to help John make froggerjobs.com great. He is a proud uncle to the 3 little goobers you see pictured.